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Reserve your personal Virtual Biographer to chronicle your memorable moments.


Your Love Stories

How You Met Your Sweetheart (Meet Cute). Romances. Engagements. Anniversaries.


Your Career Milestones

First Job. Promotions. Recognitions. Retirement.


Your Cherished Family Memories.

Births. Graduations. Rites of Passage. Holidays and Vacations.


Your Defining Moments.

Turning Points. Big Decisions. New Starts.


Your personal Virtual Biographer interviews you about your most meaningful lived experiences, then writes and edits the stories for you. You can attach photos and videos, choose a celebrity narrator, or narrate the stories yourself.Your personal Virtual Biographer can publish your stories in multiple formats and can even turn your stories into gifts and greeting cards to share with friends and loved ones.For all the special occasions in life, give the gift of story.

Your epic lived experiences, and those you shared with friends and loved ones.Produced in real-time by your personal virtual biographer and preserved for future generations in your private family archive.

Reserve Your Virtual Biographer

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